Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Felt My Heart Right Pierced By A Pin

Mr. Purl was in Viva Las Vegas. Again. This time for 10 looooong days. Oy, was my heart aching and dreading this.

So, the first day he's gone, I got me some flowers. Aww. Sweet, sweet Mr. Purl. And then I got flowers the next day. And the day after that. Y'all, he sent me flowers for 5 straight days. Then he had a bad dream in which I leave him for Sarah Jessica Parker (huh?) and she sent me flowers with a note that said, "Thanks for last night! Sarah Jessica Parker"

Sweetie, if you're going to have dreams like that about me, can you make my co-star Colin Meloy? Or Colin Firth? You know how I feel about Colins. Thank you, darling husband. You're such a romantic.


julie jams said...

What's happening in the Chronic(what)cles of Austin? Haven't seen a post in a while. I miss you. Now that I know you like Fran's caramels, I'll have to try and remember to send you some for your birthday! Loves!

Victoria said...

You won a set of Hint Cards from Mummy's Product Reviews but you didn't leave a way for me to contact you. Please email me at veamason AT gmail DOT com.